San Bernardino, CA (June 11, 2012) – The San Bernardino County Workforce Development Board's East End Job Fair attracted 1,000 job seekers at The National Orange Show on May 30. More than 70 employers brought 1,500 job openings in the transportation and logistics, manufacturing, healthcare, retail and financial industries.

Paul Williams, a resident of San Bernardino, said this was the most promising job fair he has attended in the year he has been unemployed. "It's been hard finding positions in manufacturing management," he said. "I'm either over qualified, or I'd have to move my family out of state where the opportunities are available in my field."

At the East End Job Fair, he met with a prospective employer for a position that fits his skills. "I have 25 years experience and things are now looking up," he said.

The key to successful networking is dressing the part, asking questions and presenting a resume, according to Dominic Bokich, Recruiter Strategist with Loma Linda University, San Bernardino County's second largest employer. "We've received a fantastic response," he said. "We have anywhere between 300 to 400 jobs available and Loma Linda is a very diverse campus that hires clerical staff, medical and nursing, finance and billing."

Estella Kellog, Human Resources Manager at D&W Fine Pack, has seen a great deal of business growth. D&W Fine Pack needed to fill more than 15 positions. "This is our first job fair and we're excited to be out in the community and being able to bring in local talent," she said. "Business is growing and we need the employees to support it."

"After some lean years, I'm excited that there are more positions than job seekers," said Sandy Harmsen, executive director of the Workforce Development Board. "We're seeing employers open new facilities in San Bernardino County and bringing more opportunities to our residents."

Yadira Ramirez, Human Resources Assistant with Hayden Industrial Products, was looking forward to a busy summer period. The company moved to San Bernardino eight months ago and grew from 75 to 100 employees. "I had many qualified applicants for our openings and many of our employees start as temps but often are hired on full-time," she said.

"Through venues like the East End Job Fair, our County Workforce Development Board is doing an awesome job of connecting our local employers with qualified people who are eager and ready to work," said Josie Gonzales, San Bernardino County Chair and Fifth District Supervisor. "We greatly appreciate the represented businesses that helped make the job fair successful," added Gonzales.

About the Workforce Development Board of San Bernardino County
The Workforce Development Board of San Bernardino County is comprised of private business representatives and public partners appointed by the County Board of Supervisors.  The Board strives to strengthen the skills of the County’s workforce through partnerships with business, education and community-based organizations.

The Workforce Development Board, through the County’s Economic Development Agency and Workforce Development Department, operates the County’s Employment Resource Centers (ERCs) and Business Resource Centers (BRCs). The ERCs provide individuals with job training, placement and the tools to strengthen their skills to achieve a higher quality of life. The BRCs support and provide services to the County’s businesses including employee recruitment.

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