Dollar General

When Dollar General opened a store in Yucca Valley, the company’s Human Resource Representative, Jason Pineda, found himself facing a problem. New to the area, he had limited connections and resources to help him streamline the hiring process to find necessary personnel.

Having previously worked with government agencies to assist their businesses open in other locations, Jason contacted the San Bernardino Workforce Development Board and coordinated with Omar Castro, a business resource staff member, who responded immediately. Their partnership opened the Workforce Development Board and its resources to Dollar General. The Workforce Development Board handled the recruiting process, posted job opportunities, advertised the recruitment fair, offered its free human resource hotline and supplied a no-cost facility for the recruitment fair. Through this effort, 10 employees were hired, the process was streamlined and Dollar General saved more than $2,000.

Although Jason used similar agencies in the past, the full scale of resources provided by the San Bernardino Workforce Development Board was a pleasant surprise. Grateful for the assistance, he said “Since the store wasn’t very accessible, we would not have been able to hire employees for our new store, had a facility to hold interviews or conduct a new-hire orientation without the resources and services made available by the San Bernardino County Workforce Development Board. They took care of all of our labor needs and made the process very efficient.”

In a thank you letter to the WIB, Jason also stated, “Through the programs made available by the County of San Bernardino Workforce Investment Board, Dollar General has been provided with additional support so that we may better accommodate our company and the community we serve.”

Businesses wishing to take advantage of these services can contact 800-451-JOBS or visit


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