ArtéQuesta Brings Life to Art on the Web

Long-awaited launch Arté features museum-quality artworks and collections, resources for art investors, and humanitarian community

Mill Valley, CA (January 2, 2013) – ArtéQuesta co-founders Jessica Jacobson and Rayah Levy today announced the long-awaited launch of Arté, the company’s intuitive new website featuring museum-quality artworks and collections.

ArtéQuesta has been working for more than a decade to build and preserve historically significant collections and maintain a record of artworks that have had an impact on art history, humanity and global consciousness. The company also advises art investors, curates private collections and works with 21st century master artists.

“ArtéQuesta translates into ‘you are art,’ and this philosophy impacts every aspect of our work,” said Jessica Jacobson, co founder. “We encourage the cultivation of self-development as an artistic expression of humankind in our efforts to connect investors, artists and patrons.”

Arté features an in-depth visual study of preeminent 21st century master artists including photographer Dean Bentley, urban artist Evan Skrederstu, Israeli master artists Rubin Reuven, Yaacov Agam, Moshe Castel and many others.

“We will soon launch the ArtéQuesta Museum of Fine Art, the first-ever private museum operated by curators, collectors and art market experts, created to benefit collectors and investors as they create 21st century art history,” said Rayah Levy, co-founder.

ArtéQuesta is offering memberships to its community through Arté These include membership to the ArtéQuesta Museum of Fine Art, access to ArtéQuesta’s exclusive collection, the management of fine art collections and art portfolios with ArtéQuesta’s new proprietary software, and tickets to interactive events.

ArtéQuesta employs a prosocial commerce business model that brings together the fine arts and the investment world to benefit humanity and produce financial returns for clients of different economic backgrounds. 

“Prosocial commerce impacts everything we do,” said Jessica Jacobson. “For every artwork collected or sold, we donate a percentage of the proceeds to one of the non-profits we support. We implement the Law of Return by always giving back when we are receiving, and supporting a creative and inspirational community of art lovers, patrons, investors and humanitarians.”  

Arté highlights the humanitarian aspects of ArtéQuesta’s work and creates opportunities for others to participate.

Arté will also bring new collections to ArtéQuesta patrons quarterly and bi-annually. It will also feature services and products in the arts and humanities that ArtéQuesta will offer its members and patrons.

“We are continuing to develop alliances with museums and institutions worldwide toward our mission of preserving art history and cultural assets through collecting and sharing historically significant art, and making it available to our patrons,” said Rayah Levy, co founder. “Our new site will help us connect more people with this information as we continue to discover culturally significant art and share in the careers of 21st century artists.”

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About ArtéQuesta
ArtéQuesta provides services to individual and corporate fine art collectors to build and manage art collections that deliver both short and long-term financial growth. It is recognized as a leading advisor in building investment-quality art collections for private and corporate clients including major banks and investment firms. Launched in 2011, its founders Rayah Levy, art market and investment expert and curator, and Jessica Jacobson, education advocate and humanitarian, bring together the fine arts and the investment world, promote preeminent 21st century artists, and cultivate self-development as an artistic expression of humankind.

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