WDB: Case Study

The Company
The County of San Bernardino Workforce Development Board strengthens the skills of the County’s workforce through partnerships with businesses, education, and community-based organizations. In partnership with the Economic Development Agency and Workforce Development Department, the Workforce Development Board operates the County’s Employment Resource Centers and Business Resource Centers, which provide job training, placement, employee recruitment, workshops and business support programs such as layoff aversion and On-the-Job Training.

The Challenge
The WDB must inform its potential partners and clients about the services it offers to boost the participation of employers and job seekers in its programs. Strengthening awareness of the WDB’s mission and offerings is critical, especially at a time of economic hardship. Additionally, the WDB must keep influencers at the local and national level informed of it the impact of its programs.

The Strategy
Since 2005, JMPR has implemented a public relations campaign to boost awareness of the WDB's programs and services to job seekers, employers, legislators, and the general population. Along with the traditional print media sources, JMPR has implemented a strong online presence for the WDB. The cornerstone of this online presence is www.MediaSourceLink, a website that delivers constant updates about activities, recent and important developments, news and announcements to followers in the form of press releases, articles and testimonials.

JMPR also created focused mini-websites targeting key audiences such as veterans and youth, and an online monthly news letter that leverages all press releases and testimonials.

JMPR also develops the WDB’s Annual Report, which serves as a valuable resource to businesses, residents, influencers and legislators. The Annual Report serves as a compilation of participants' stories and facts about the year’s activities, including performance objectives and program accomplishments.

JMPR staff interacts daily with target media via social media tools such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. This fosters conversation about WDB events and programs. Developing a strong online presence has resulted in key media re-tweeting and sharing WDB programs and events with their followers. JMPR also uses social media to increase public awareness of the WDB’s offerings by fostering two-way communication on the WDB’s Facebook and Twitter sites. By responding to quickly to questions and posting relevant material, JMPR positions the WDB to provide answers business owners and job seekers need which builds a loyal, engaged audience.

The Results:
IN 2011-2012 alone, JMPR generated a total of 478 articles, radio and television stories published in key media including the Press-Enterprise, San Bernardino Sun, Inland Valley Daily Bulletin, KABC7 and KCAL News.

The WDB’s social media presence now has 417 followers in key audience groups, including reporters with key media, national and local elected officials, state and national workforce and economic development partners. JMPR has been instrumental in strategic outreach, delivering articles to audiences that have led to recognition of the WDB on numerous occasions for its successful work at the local and national levels.

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