EnviroIngenuity: Case Study

The Company:
EnviroIngenuity, founded in 2009, is comprised of forward-thinking professionals with a goal to take advantage of the growing demand for more efficient, cost effective sustainable energy solutions, employing solar PV, hi-efficiency LED lighting, green building and hydroponic vertical food production. EnviroIngenuity’s mission is "advancingreenergy" and reducing waste, thus better utilizing limited natural resources. As EnviroIngenuity invests in a lower carbon future, it focuses on helping organizations move forward to deploy sustainable energy solutions using disruptive technologies. The experienced employees think outside the box and have adopted an attitude that waste is not acceptable. This simple concept translates into money saved and a healthier planet.

The Challenge:
Like most new companies, the biggest challenge EnviroIngenuity faced was increasing public awareness. For EnviroIngenuity, this was even more important because their mission was to educate the public about their innovative solutions for living an environmentally friendly lifestyle. A marketing campaign to build knowledge about the company and its solutions was the key to its success.

The Strategy:
J. McLeish Public Relations created a multi media campaign that rolled out over months to introduce the public to EnviroIngenuity. EnviroIngenuity’s bigger projects, especially Alegría Fresh and Temecula Valley Strawberry Farms, took on central roles in the campaign. Just as a technology company releases press releases at key points during a launch of a new technology to create buzz and awareness, JMPR took advantage of project milestones to educate the public about EnviroIngenuity’s innovative technology and services. Through taking advantage of the new trends based on focused sustainable practices, JMPR was able to create a timely push for EnviroIngenuity, often through the major projects Alegría Fresh and the Temecula Valley Strawberry Farms.

The Results:
A mixture of local magazines, newspapers, and blogs covered various aspects of the projects, informing the public about EnviroIngenuity’s programs and successes. Through highlighting the innovative angles of EnviroIngenuity’s solutions, interest in the company grew and awareness about its projects and technologies increased exponentially. This awareness led to EnviroIngenuity being featured in a sustainability film, it reaching national and international recognition, and its founder being asked to speak on a panel about future food solutions.

Examples of major media hits included:
Laguna Beach Magazine
OC Metro
Coast Magazine
OC Register
Mission Viejo News
Orange County Mom Blog
The Packer
Orange Coast Magazine
Seedstock Blog
Laguna Beach Independent Newspaper
Orange Coast Blog
Laguna Beach Patch
San Clemente News
Mission Viejo News
KUSI Good Morning San Diego Blog

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